The Most Relaxing ATM


Nov 2016

Atom Bank
About This Project

Here are some hard facts for you:


29% of adults have felt nervous or physically sick when checking their account balance.


85% of people don’t know how much money is in their bank account.


And – get your head around this – two in five Brits would prefer to be caught in an embarrassing situation such as having their dress caught in their knickers or even ACTUALLY HAVING SEX than for a stranger to know the intimate details of their personal finances.


That’s a helluva lot of financial stress.


And so, we created The World’s Most Relaxing ATM for Atom, the UK’s first digital bank.


It’s an ATM where you get soothingly serenaded by the one and only Royal Philharmonic Orchestra while checking your balance. No more panic at the cash point.


Total reach: 149million.