The Coconut Watering Hole


August 2015

About This Project

To launch Innocent’s new coconut water we harnessed the unstoppable power of emoji.


We realised that Innocent Coconut Water could be written as:





And so the Innocent Coconut Watering Hole was born. A Caribbean-inspired open-air bar in the heart of Shoreditch that, for the first time anywhere in the world, used emoji as currency. To order, simply visit the bar, take a selfie on Instagram and tag it with your emoji order. The bartender makes your drink and a waiter brings it to the person pictured in the selfie. Easy.


Throughout the course of the day we served over 2000 cocktails resulting in over 2000 Instagram selfies from a largely female audience of fashionable Shoreditch types all taken in a branded Innocent environment. This was a double win for us: not only were we putting our product in the hands of the right people, they were donating their highly visual social feeds to Innocent in return for a healthy, refreshing drink.


The result: a reach of over 138million (and many, many cured hangovers).