We’re bored of boring PR.

Founded in 2015 and backed by advertising agency Mother, our team has worked with some of the world’s most exciting brands and created some of the most innovative campaigns of recent years.

We don’t have a silly phrase or made up word to describe what makes our PR different to someone else’s PR.

Know those photos on the Southbank with Tower Bridge in the background?

We don’t do those.

In fact, we try to keep away from the Thames altogether.

We do, however, have a team of people that are really good at solving creative challenges in unconventional ways.

People don’t care about survey stats in a press release.

People care about the things they actually care about.

Music, telly, gaming, fashion, sport, art. In short, culture.

Everyone can be described in terms of the culture they care about: from opera to Oprah, GTA to Game of Thrones, Gucci to Gucci Mane.

With so many channels to watch, apps to check, links to click, getting noticed is harder than ever.

We believe brands and organisations need to work with culture, not against it, if they really want to engage individuals and change their behaviour.

By taking an audience’s cultural DNA as our starting point, The Romans develop campaigns and programmes that people actually want to talk about and share with their friends.