29 Sep 13 x AWARD NOMS = SAFE



“Oh no, we don’t go in for awards.” – Agency that recently floated some food art down the Thames.

The Romans, however, really like awards.

They’re what prove our work is creative and effective.

They’re what help us attract exciting new clients. (Say hi at hello@wearetheromans.com)

They’re what help us attract the finest talent around. (SRSLY – CVs to hello@wearetheromans.com)

So, we’re very excited about being shortlisted for 13 forthcoming awards. List below. Shout out to all the judges that rated us.



Best Use of Planning, Strategy and Evaluation

Best Use of a Small Budget

Marketing Communications FMCG

Best B2B Campaign

City and Corporate Communications

Best Small Agency

Best New Agency



Best B2B Campaign

Best Consumer Campaign (Low Budget)

Corporate, Financial and Investor Relations

Consultancy Heads of Year

Best Small Agency

Best New Agency